From Shepard Afshar, we know more about the pure breed of the sheep of Iran

Distribution: Afshari sheep in an area of ​​about 20,000 km2 distributed between Zanjan province and part of the provinces of West Azarbaijan, East Azarbaijan and Kordestan.

The population is over one million vertices.

Color: The dominant color is in single-red, reddish-brown, brown-spotted sheep with varying ranges from brown to dark brown to black and rarely white. The body color of the lambs is black on the birth of a brown hair and gradually enlarges the body color with increasing age.

Appearance: Ears are usually large and fallen, but the ears and ears are also visible. Both the rams and the ears have no horns. On the nose in the rams there is mostly curvature and in the ears it is smooth or curvature. The neck is long in the ears and is strong and thick in the rams. The fox is in Aflafi sheep and has a lot of travels. Afshari sheep is considered to be a hefty sheep in the country. Tailing in this animal usually has a special gradient that starts from the animal's lumbar area and drowsiness.

The trachea has a wool, without fat storage, and the tracheal prominence of the side view is not very visible. The trachea may sometimes be longer than the tail. Afshari sheep are considered high-tall sheep and the biometric data show that the height of the waist in this animal is somewhat higher than the height of the insole and it has a delicacy that allows the animal to march in the mountains and rocks. The back, neck, tuck, and tail are usually wool-covered, but under the neck, under the abdomen, hands and feet, the face is lacking in wool, and covered with rough hair that is darker than the animal's wool color. In terms of quantity and quality of wool, in comparison with other native sheep of the province, it is different from the elegance of the fibers with the sheep moghani, Ghezel and Bakhtiari similar and have thick wool used in the carpet industry in Zanjan province.

Production Specifications:

The average lamb's birth weight is 4.35 kilograms

Average birth weight of lamb is 4 kg

Average lactation net weight 29.5 kilograms

Average milking weight of the lamb is 26.5 kg

The average weight of the lamb is 41.24 kilograms

Average weight of six months of lamb is 38.7 kg

The average weight in a ram is 88.85 kg and in the adult ewe is 70.52 kg.

Average wool annual production of lamb is 641 grams

The average annual wool weight of walnut is 478 grams

Genetic Specifications:

1- Multiplicity

2. The growth rate of this race is one of the first group of sheep in the country, as well as in the row of Bakhtiari sheep, Makoi sheep and Moghani sheep.

3- Producing a good and high-fat milk of this sheep, which makes it part of the dairy mutton sheep.

4. Adaptability and habitability with cold weather conditions.

5. The power of the marching and mountain-trekking of this breed so that it can pass 100 kilo meters between the country and the grassland easily.

6- The relative relative density of this breed relative to other races of sheep in Zanjan province and the country.

7. Sheep resistance of internal and external parasitic diseases.

8. High conversion coefficient and optimal economic return.

To promote and become more familiar with Afshar sheep, the Afshari Selection Festival will be held provincially in Zanjan each year, and it is hoped that this festival will soon be held nationally for the selection of outstanding herdsmen and selected specimens.

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