2 million tons of chicken meat is produced annually in Iran

Deputy Director for Animal Production, Jihad-e-Agriculture Minister said that 2 million tons of chicken meat is produced annually in Iran, which accounts for almost 2 percent of the world's poultry, given the 1 percent population in Iran.

Hassan Rokni, on the second day of his visit to Larestan, after visiting the 5,500 complex of calves, Faryari Shams, Latifi, participated in a special meeting with farmers, gardeners, poultry farmers and livestock breeders in the Larestan region to investigate their problems.

He emphasized the support of the manufacturing sector, saying: "If the budgets allocated to the production sector are not used in this area, we will definitely face serious problems in the employment and economic development of society."

Renki said that poultry industry has grown considerably over the past decades, saying that Iran is among the top eight of the world's best-known companies in the poultry industry, which has boosted production.

He said that the production of chickens in Iran is more than the demand of the country, he said: "Increasing production by itself is not a problem, but the speed of our production is higher than exports, and we must provide an export boost based on the demands of different countries." .

Assistant Minister for Agricultural Producing, said that Iraq has 640 thousand tons annually, Saudi Arabia 800 thousand tons, Russia with 400 thousand tons of chicken meat from different countries, said: these countries in the neighboring countries of our country It can be a golden opportunity to boost chicken exports.

He said that the total amount of chicken meat produced in the world is close to 100 million tons. This year, 2 million tons of chicken meat is produced in Iran, which according to the 1 percent population of Iran to the whole world, Iran is about 2 percent Meat provides the world.

Pointing out that 100 million of the world's 10 million meat produced in the world are exported commercially, said that of this, 3 million tons are exported to neighboring countries of Iran.

He stated: "We must provide export opportunities with a well-planned plan and take advantage of international capacities."

Renkby expressed his satisfaction with the high quality of chicken meat production: our producers should try to produce their products according to the audience's needs and demands.



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